The most important instrument use by a paranormal intvestigator in ghost hunting or any paranormal investigation is an EMF detector.  There are a lot of different kinds of EMF detectors in the market.  In this section, we will discuss the different kinds of EMF detectors, and what their different specifications and features do.  The EMF Detector, as used in paranormal investigations, can help on proving (or disproving) that the place you are investigating is haunted.

There are great range of EMF Detectors ranging over $100.00 for experience Paranormal Investigator and less than $50.00 models for the novice or beginner.  As you will see in this section, all EMF Detectors have their own frequency settings.  The best thing to do when you buy or use an EMF Detector is to learn the settings, so that when you go on an investigation, you will know whether you are witnessing paranormal activity or if it is something else altogether.

Many in the paranormal business feel that a reading between 2-7 mG could indicate the presence of something supernatural. Be sure and practice with a meter in your own home so you become familiar with what will cause an indication.  EMF detectors were designed to detect electromagnetic emissions from microwave ovens and high tension electrical wires.  EMF detectors alert investigators to the presence of ghosts by measuring electromagnetic distortion in the two to seven milligauss range.

There are a few active paranormal investigators’ society or club in Singapore.